Day 3 to Thirty: Of Hacking and Flashing

1. Continuation of Day 2. Still not yet sleeping, but will be in a while. Just arranging stuff to do for later. Planning to devote whole night to fixing phone. Will have to:

  • Synch ALL phone contents with PC and do a complete backup (I might render my phone useless in the succeeding processes and have to revert to factory settings)
  • Update phone’s firmware
  • Clear 40-50MB RAM in C: drive of phone
  • Find out if phone hacking is reversible, know consequences if damages occur, find out if I can still safely download from Nokia OVI and update my phone with the official software even if hacked
  • Hack phone so I can view system and hidden files, and sign certificates of apps that I can’t install right now
  • Install now-uninstallable anti-virus app and other needed programs to…
  • Finally figure out why a certain exe file in my phone keeps sending and receiving data every four hours, thus discharging my phone’s batt, thus making me charge my phone every two days instead of the previous 5-day battery lifespan
  • To relax after, I’ll watch some TV series and munch on the remaining chips I bought the other night.

2. Wanting more and more to take that last trip I’m going to have in my twenties. Damn Cebu Pacific just had a seat sale last Oct 6-8. I should have gotten tix to wherever. Might check out my options also after I wake. Now setting my alarm to 7PM so I would

3. Derailed. Got into an active website for Symbian Hacking and Flashing ( Saw a sleeping chat channel but sent a msg anyway, commending their site. While composing a well-written cry for help in the forums, saw the channel come to life. They replied to my msg so I got excited that finally I have some gurus to talk to. Two admins opened a private chat window to help me. And man they were HELPFUL!!! Provided me a virtual Swiss knife of resources and info and instructions on how to go about my phone. They must have gotten excited since they said they have been getting requests for help only for Hacking issues. I was the first person to ask help about Flashing. And as one of them put it, I could be the only female using Symbian in their website. Apparently, the N97 is a unique headache for phone hackers since you can’t go about it the “easy way” of tricking the original firmware to allow the use and installation of unsigned/previously disallowed apps which is how the Hacking process works on all other non-N97 Nokia phones (darnnit). I have to go at it the hard way and completely replace my original firmware with a CFW (custom firmware… whew, I’m really learning the terms!) which is known as the process of Flashing (a more complex degree of Hacking). Anyhoo, after a very loooong but very informative chat session, I have my answers to some of the stuff I outlined above: I will lose all data coz my phone will be reset to factory, I shouldn’t upgrade my phone’s firmware — just flash it the way it is coz it’s safer that way, and I should really backup all my stuff. I thanked blade (the flashing expert) and Swapz (the hacking expert) profusely and wished bountiful blessings for them and their families and their families’ families. Ok, I exaggerate… just for their families. Learned my first Swedish sentence too, care of the nice Admins – “Tack så mycket” – which means “Thank you.” 4. This time, I’m really off to bed. It’s now 4:30PM and I guess I’ll be up by 12midnight to work on all this. Good luck to me later! 😀


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