Day 2 to Thirty: Cloudy Skies

1. Woke at 12PM. Butler called to say he was having lunch with friends and half-sister. Said he’ll be at my place around 4PM. Said he’ll and half-sister will pick me up after lunch so we can hang out before she goes home.

2. 4PM. Butler texted saying he called but I was sleeping. They were done with lunch and asked if I wanted him to pick me up after he takes half-sis home. I took it as a possible cancellation to plans. Pissed me off.

3. Picked me up and waited for 40mins for me to get out. Problems with preparation and lack of time. Fought about me getting me getting pissed off. Became OK. After a while fought about a gopher that kept popping up unnecessarily. Almost wanted to call it a night. Decided I didn’t go through all the trouble of dressing up just to waste all my effort and go home. Calmed down.

4. Had dinner at Zenzhou. Eat-all-you-can Ala Carte. Very filling even if the servings were “fastfood” quality. Had my fill of baked oysters and salmon sushi.

5. Ended the evening with another marathon of cable TV shows and movies. Went home in the morning since Butler fell asleep while watching, as usual.


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