Of Dreams and Reality

Image from: http://ilikemostinlife.blogspot.com/2010/03/evening-was-lonely.html#comment-form

I stumbled upon this photo yesterday while trying to find a good image to go with my previous post. A little less than a year ago, December 21  to be exact, I dreamed this exact scene, minus the other bench! I even blogged about it right after waking up. I even wrote a song about it after a few days. But that’s not the main reason why this image is nothing less than spectacular. Here’s why:

My dream last year was about my previous object of obsession, his girlfriend, and me. He was seated on the bench and enjoying the sunlight as it kissed his face. He didn’t see me glide towards him. I tried to reach out and touch him then I woke.

Now zoom back to the present. I found out that they finally got engaged. The feeling of loss was bad so I just decided put my feelings down into writing — thus the previous blog post. I searched Google Images to find a photo apt for the content. I used the string ‘snuffed candle.’ Amongst the many results was this picture… almost exactly how I saw it in my dream. The tree to the left where she was playing with the dog. The park bench. The sunlight peeping through the foliage. The only thing off is the double bench. And there is no snuffed candle in the picture, so it makes it all the more peculiar.

What are the chances I would dream this scene and see it while searching for an image of a candle? Heck, what are the chances that the two times I saw this scene are both connected to him?

Yes, there have been times when I think of something in-passing then it happens. But that usually applies to bad things… like accidents and crime… and I usually realize I thought about it only after it happens. A really sick kind of deja vu. But this, this is different. I was well aware of it, and it even served as an inspiration for two works of mine. And I dreamed it. It wasn’t a fleeting thought.

What is my connection to this little spot on the planet that I don’t even know where? What does all three of us have to do with this place? What is all this telling me?

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