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Argh, Rej has really a gift for calling and waking me from my lovely slumber. I woke with a jolt, grabbed my cell phone and dragged my feet outside since reception is bad inside the house then answered with another groggy “H-e-e-llo…?”

Said he didn’t feel like going home yet. We chatted a bit about him negotiating for the price of the “prime spot” for his clinic near my place, about him going to a wedding on Saturday, about him driving to Cainta now… which is all basically about nothing (weird)… but I felt he wanted us to hang but he didn’t say anything. When I got back to my PC, I just saw he left a msg in FB asking if we could have coffee. Posted a hour ago. I was asleep in front of the PC so I didn’t see it until we finished talking.

That guy must be going thru some real problems right now. Very seldom does he run to me to talk. Well, he referred to it as a mid-life crisis. Tried to scare me by saying I’ll be going through it pretty soon. I jokingly said I have been experiencing it ever since I hit 25. But gawd, I hope it really doesn’t hit me, coz when it does, I think it would hit hard… what with the lack of accomplishment I have had in the past three decades.

Ah well, he’s been a good friend to me ever since Grade 1. My oldest friend in the world, actually. I’m his oldest girl friend too, he said, and I think he just realized that after I greeted him on his bday last Sept 22. I’ll make it up to him one of these days and really keep that coffee date.

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