Internet is baaaack!!! Dancing

I’ve been experiencing withdrawal symptoms from not having the Net for about two weeks. Felt like a whole month! Was running out of things to do. Even the tons of TV series I have stored in my hard drive were not enough to quell the boredom. Finished watching:
    the complete series of Sex and the City
    Prison Break Season 2
    Full Metal Panic Season 2
    How I Met Your Mother (Season 6?)
    House (almost done with Season 2)

I was dying to blog but I can’t simply bring myself to type my thoughts down in Word/OneNote, save, then publish at a later time. It feels… insincere and untrue to the feeling of the moment.

Now I’m back on, gotta get things back on track as well. I simply have to fix my comprehensive resume in the next couple of days. Deadline: Monday. Gotta get my transcript too. And I have to stop pushing to the back of my mind doing clearance at my old office.

I know it’s gonna be tedious and who knows how long the process will take, how many times they will have me come back, the numerous locations they will make me go to, and the hundreds of hoops they would make me jump just to allow me to say my final Adieu. With the old account gone, with all the old bosses no longer there, with my old stuff still being “borrowed” by old officemates I no longer know where to find, and with hardly anybody knowing me when I go back there, I pretty much don’t exist. Who knows, maybe if they turn out to be as incompetent as they were a year ago, no one would have any record of who I was and what value (or de-value) I have brought to that company. All I know is, as long as I start doing this, it will get done. I simply don’t wanna see or talk to anybody there. I’m actually hoping that everybody I know have all gone by this time… but that’s wishful thinking. But then, I digress.

For now, I’m one more happy kitty now that I can play on Facebook again, download stuff again, and of course, blog online again.

Whoopeedoo! Dancing

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