What For?

What else am I fighting for, when I cannot let my voice be heard?

Why else should I fight, if success would be at the expense of those dear to me?

Why do I even try, when those close to me don’t understand?

Why do I chose to take the more difficult path, when the smooth and wide is all laid out for me?


Maybe they are right…

… I will not be able to make a dent in society’s norms. I will not see a change, at least in this lifetime.

… I should think about the welfare of my unborn children and give them a proper name and not let them be labelled as bastards.

… I should choose that which is offered freely, instead of chase after a dream about a love that moves mountains and parts seas.


At the expense of my happiness, I can make those dear to me happy.



… Would I be able to deal with bitterness, regret, and the lack of accomplishment for the rest of my life?

… Won’t I eventually take it out on those who I initially wanted to be happy?

… Will I not stray the path once I meet the person I dreamed of loving?

… How can I live a life knowing all the dreams I had were dashed by no one but me?


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