My Dream of a Perfect Love

Every person has a dream of a perfect love, a perfect someone, and a perfect life. A few obtain it, but most do not. Many a good writer has always spoken of following your dreams… but when does dreaming end, and when do we allow reality to set in?

I have grown up dreaming of a prince to swoop me off my feet. I would know I have fallen in love with him when the stars suddenly sparkle in my eyes, the birds fly up in the air, the flowers bloom beneath my feet, and the bells ring in the distance. When we stare into each others eyes, we see each other’s souls and without the need for words, understand how each feel. When we talk, everything fades and we are the only ones left in this world.

My prince would be tall, but not too tall. Just the right height for us to kiss comfortably for hours. He’s fair (fairer than me) with a pointy nose and a wonderful smile where his thin lips curve at the ends to reveal a perfect set of teeth. When he looks at me, his eyes seem to bore into my very being and I can get lost in them forever. He would have a good physique; trim, nothing too sculpted, but no flab.

He would be a hopeless romantic just like me. He finds sappy stories endearing. He likes showering me with attention and caring and little surprises. Seeing me happy makes him truly happy. When he gives, it’s because it makes him happy, not because he thinks he can get something in return. He’s not the type to always tell me how he feels, but just one look from him and I would know how I mean the whole world to him.

My love for him would be enough to make me smile when I wake up and see his face every morning, to be able to handle his little quirks, to be able to accept his flaws… and actually still be happy about them. I should love him enough that I wouldn’t be able to wait for him to come home. I should love him enough that my creative juices will always be flowing, thinking of the next surprise I could do for him. I should love him enough to be proud and show him off to everyone as mine. I should love him enough to want to have his kids and would be fine if they got all his genes. I should love him enough to want to be with him all the time and being apart from him physically hurts.

Without words, we understand how one feels. We can continue each other’s sentences because we think alike and feel alike. I love and adore him enough to put him up in a pedestal and kiss the ground he walks on. He worships and respects me enough to sincerely feed my need for constant affirmation because he really feels that way about me. We are open-minded and accepting to each other’s opinions. We idolize each other to the point of making one’s opinion his/hers too.

We both love talking to each other for hours since we feed each other’s need for mental and emotional stimulation. We connect with each other on all levels. When we talk, he responds the way I expect him to respond. He doesn’t give me canned reactions because he cannot wait to speak his mind. He loves hearing what I have to say and thinks twice about disagreeing with me or going against what I said just in case it might hurt me. It’s already a given that I’m going to be like that to him, because I’m like that to everybody.

Our wedding would be the wedding to end all weddings. But since that’s almost improbable, I still dream of having a week-long wedding where we fly/ship all our good friends and relatives to the best location where they would experience the wedding of their lives — something they would talk about for years to come, something they could only wish to achieve. My love and I would be as excited about the event and would be doing all the planning and preparation together. I would wear an exquisite Chanel or Wang gown, and his would be Gucci or anything fit for a prince. Our wedding bands would be a matching pair from Tiffany.

We would have the same love for theater, horses, PC gaming, and the sea. He would share my same inclination to throw parties for friends and make regular appearances at social gatherings. We would both work to get a place in the suburbs to take care of beautiful flowers and championship steeds. To escape the world, we’ll get on our yacht, sail the open seas and come back to reality after a month. If we have the means, we’ll strive our best to buy our own little island for our kids to play in, our boat to dock, our horses to run free, our plants to bloom, and for our friends to invite to.

To be able to stand long periods with each other, he’ll have to be pliant, accepting, and very understanding. Since I love him dearly, even if I’m hardheaded, I will sincerely let him have his way once in a while since I want him to be happy. He’ll always be concerned about what will make me happy and not force what he wants after one “No” from me.

In work, he’ll be the creative genius, full of new ideas and zeal to start something new… while I’ll be the one to continue the things he started and make them bigger and better… then he’ll have the discipline in helping me finish when I start to falter. In business, he would have the daring to venture while I make sure the whole endeavor prospers once he has started it. He wouldn’t care if I bring in more dough than he does because money and power are all a means to an end for him.

With family, he will be the stricter hand to complement my overindulgence of the kids. Our desires, tendencies, and beliefs shouldn’t be too different so that reaching a consensus in decisions would be easier. He will be as good with budgeting expenses as I am, but should understand that in the few times I make any kind of purchase, I have to always get the best in terms of class. He would understand my need to not settle with anything sub par — homes, schools, vacations, furniture, cars, parties, etc.

In bed (or otherwise), we’ll both be open to experimentation. We would be very active until our knees give in due to old age.

We would grow old but still very much in love and crazy about each other. We will still sing to each other, hold hands, tickle, kiss, and feed each other. We will still look back at our happy times and memories with a smile and a warm feeling in our chests. Even if we have kids, we still prioritize each other even above them, until we grow old and grey. We will try to keep healthy and fit for each other even if our skin starts to sag. We won’t be able to deal just thinking about each other’s deaths because this will be our greatest loss in the whole world. Even after one departs from this world,  the other will still keep a seat at the dinner table, still write love letters, and still talk to him/her about his/her day before going to sleep.

We both believe in love that transgresses time and space. We will look forward to spending an eternity with each other and death is simply a painful vacation we have to take apart to ready us for our next chapter together.

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