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Just done with the laundry for the day. Fingers still wrinkly and stinging from the detergent. I really wish Mama would grow out of hand washing and accept the existence of the legendary washing machine. It has been around for quite a while now, really.

I’ve been hooked to this game called City of Wonder for a couple of days now. It took all my obsessions in each FB game — the need to be in the top five spots in a game, the need to earn the most money in the shortest amount of time, the need to win in every attack/challenge, the need to rise in the ranks the fastest, the need to outwit all other competitors, and the need to arrange and balance my stuff equally and symmetrically — and rolled it into one fully-packed game.

Of course there are stuff I don’t like about it like the overcrowding of embassies that tend to look like slums when put together, and the numerous wall posts one can put up in a day for friends to get bonus coins; that is, if you don’t post coins like the others, your neighbors will not like you.  I hope they find a better way around that, though. Maybe in-game mail instead of wall posts. I’m wondering how long I’ll be sticking to it and if it will be such a big hit like Restaurant City and Mafia Wars. I hope it gets much better than it already is now.

On the other side of midnight… I spent another nice evening last night with my Butler. I thought yesterday was going to turn out really bad because it started out very wrong (my father’s secretary mistaking me as the illegitimate daughter when I called him on the phone as an errand for Papa, then all FB apps not loading without me setting the jobs to run while I sleep) then while I was preparing to go to dinner, it rained cats and dogs, flooded the house a bit, while my Butler was getting an aneurysm just trying to get through the floods to reach my place.

We were able to eventually get to Señor Kebab at around 10:30pm. Good thing the place doesn’t seem to close. I had yummy beef with eggplant and gravy (the name escapes me… I just said it out loud 30mins ago >_<), shawarma sandwich and yogurt shake… two shakes (it was too good, what can I say?) Butler was too generous to let me have a second pita bread and shake. (I still feel bad about it though coz I shouldn’t have ordered more.. anyway, he oughta let me pick up some of the bills this coming weekend.)

I can’t wait to go on our trip to the beach. I’ll be one with the sea once more. I’m excited to take videos and stream them — my unfulfilled dream when I missed my plane to Palau. I hope I could find a good quiet spot to lie down and read while sipping on my cold drink. I also hope the night spots would be good, and the crowd, friendly. I already know, however, that the alcohol will be a welcome toxin in my system this weekend.

I’m a bit sleepy now but I still don’t feel like going upstairs. I’m practically lying on my chair with the keyboard on my tummy while writing this post. I’m sure there are a lot of typos in here. I’ll just proofread whenever I get the chance to.

End of post. And nope… haven’t remembered the name of the yummy beef and eggplant dish yet. This sucks. Well, good night for now.


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