2010 Takes the Cake

This post is about a cake. Well, that was the original plan.

But if I’m going to consider the year, 2010 has been good to me in some ways. It’s just a pity that I did not get to enjoy it fully.

January, I immersed myself in Facebook games to keep me afloat. In Restaurant City, I chose to start completing the 2010 cake as a promise to will myself to make this a good year despite the adversity. This decision was inspired by my friend who claimed out loud, “2010 is my year! I will make this MY year!” I was, however, only able to get only one out of 10 levels of the cake.

February, FB delivered news right to my proverbial doorstep – news that I wasn’t able to take – thus I took a long vacation away from the social networking scene.

March, I started to find my bearings when my sister arrived with news that she’ll be spending the summer here. Being around her in one room has been an immense source of peace for me and I will always be grateful for that. (I say so, coz when I go to the next room where I’m alone for even a while, I start losing it.)

April, saw a lot in Ragnarok and blogging. I continued to stay away from anything that would remind me of the real world such as FB and email.

May, more floating on my end. I think I just started fixing myself when I go out as a favor to my two dear friends who’ve been helping me get by.

June, I promised to start getting my life in order – maybe start applying for a job or finding out what I really want to do. I hardly had any blog entries. That meant I stopped thinking about the promise and my will fell asleep. I started to pick up on FB gaming again toward the end of the month.

July came and we celebrated my sister’s birthday. More hoping on my end that things will pick up. I did get Starcraft 2 on the 27th and the last days of the months flew by without me noticing.

August, which is now, and I’m still wondering where all that time went. On the brighter side, I was able to finish the 2010 cake from level 9-10 just today. I didn’t force it to happen. I was just able to put together all the ingredients today without sacrificing on the other recipes. Up until today, whenever I saw the unfinished recipe, I kept getting reminded of the start of the year and my promise to make it all okay. But now, looking back, it seems I could only mark this year with nothing but games played, TV series watched, cups of coffee had, blog posts, weekend dinners, and baths taken. I would like to take completing it as a sign that there is actually still hope to salvage a better 2010 from the last four months remaining.

So here’s hoping for a brighter September to December 2010!

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