In a Trance

It’s been a while since I went clubbing. I miss being young and free. Sure, I went clubbing so I had an excuse to dress up in clothes that would be deemed indecent on a normal work day and so that I could dance suggestively with strangers on the dance floor then forget all about them right after stepping out of the bar to head for home.

However, the biggest reason why I went clubbing was so I can lose myself in the music. Yes, trance (and all its derivatives – industrial, house, etc.) is music for me. It has a power of communicating with my body in a way no other genre could. Musical theater music touches my emotions and brings me to tears on a good day; trance music touches my body in ways I could not.

The thumping beats echo my racing pulse and gets my adrenaline pumping. The hypnotic mix of sounds and flashing lights talk to me and tells me to let lose. As the music reaches a strong climax, I find myself reaching a state of pure ecstasy.


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