Everybody should start somewhere.

Ok, first order of business, try to remember why I resigned:

  • To do things I haven’t been able to do while working (complete unfinished games, organize my PC files, watch shows I have missed out on)
  • To change career and pursue my passions (take up jazz dancing, continue theater and singing, join a band, take up MBA Juris Doctor)
  • To rest and escape (see the rest of the Philippines or other countries)
  • To reconnect with friends (JC, Jonathan, Reggie, JoKim, Ann)
  • To re-evaluate, review, re-align and renew (perceptions, skill sets, understanding of how things work in the corporate world)

So far, I was able to…

  • Watch shows I missed out on (have to complete them yet)
  • Meet with Ann once

Hmm, that’s a LOT. Well, at least I’m getting somewhere… @_@

(This article is getting hard to do. I’ll continue it when I’m a bit more ready to walk down the path of realization.)


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