Thoughts for today…

Happiness is overrated. Why keep trying to run after it when you will eventually get it anyway? Just as there cannot be light without darkness, happiness cannot exist if you do not experience the lack of it. When you are down, take comfort in the fact that there is nowhere to go but up… but know too that once you’re up, the falls will be much more painful, but they will happen. Such is the cycle of life. Which bring me to my next point…

Amount of challenge is relatively proportional to the strength of the person facing it. And I’m not using this as a statement of faith or religion. Whether we acknowledge it or not, the normal person has an inner gauge of what situations they can or cannot handle. We will not get into things that we haven’t subconsciously measured as possible to face – an argument, a relationship, a new job. If one is happy living a life in the safe zone where there are not too many highs and lows then that means they have gauged that their strength is enough to maintain their existence in that plane. But if they venture out into the more dangerous zones, an inner voice must’ve already told them that they are ready for such. We won’t get ourselves into something we cannot handle.

Always look for the good in things. Of course the bad will always be there, but what’s the use in seeing it and focusing all our energy on it? It’s given to us so we can appreciate the good. During a hot summer’s day, notice the cool breeze that wafts once in a while instead of the searing sun. During the lack of a job, notice how many friends you get in touch with instead of the dwindling funds. Upon finding out the food is spoiled, think of how much you ate before it went to waste. While thrashing around in pain, be thankful for most of the days when you were not sick. While battling with infertility, rejoice that you can still go on out-of-town trips without worrying about the baby. If there is a death in the family, look not at the loss but at the gain we had from the experiences and love we were able to share with the family member before they passed on and cherish the imprint they left on your life. We have to stop trying to fight the bad and just let it happen because everything always comes to pass.

Less battling, more accepting. I have resigned myself to the fact that things happen for a reason.  But whatever I believe doesn’t matter really because life will keep happening whether we want it to or not.

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