I’m feeling bored.

This is not good.

I woke up asking myself what I’ll be doing today. In my mental checklist, I went:

  • Play Warstorm?… uhh, I guess…
  • Play Restaurant City?… damn, the bugs, I might not get my ingredients anyway…
  • Play World of Warcraft?… I’m level 70+ and got there without breaking a sweat. No challenge whatsoever…
  • Play Ragnarok?… What’s that? It’s been more than a month since I haven’t seriously touched the game…
  • Play a new game?… No way! Don’t wanna get hooked with something new again…
  • Read one of my unopened novels?… Naaah. Too small font…
  • Look for a job?… It’s the rainy season. Who goes job hunting in the rainy season?

My PC had the ultimate power to get me out of any bad mood or boredom or problem all these years. I die without my PC when there is no electricity. However now, I’m not sure what I want to do with her. I guess there will really be lulls in all relationships. Maybe a little pick-me-up would do the trick.

I went into the kitchen to make myself my fresh cup – er, bowl – of coffee. And what thought struck me as I reached for the coffee jar?? “Not coffee again?!?!” Whaaaaat?! My body and mind is rejecting coffee now? I remembered, I wasn’t able to finish my coffee yesterday… and a day before. Must be a coincidence. Maybe I just forgot to finish it. I continued to make my bowl of coffee.

I sipped the steaming coffee to welcome the familiar feeling into my body. Something’s wrong. My tongue felt bored with the heat and taste! Instead of going “Mmmm…”, it went “Uhhhhh…” What’s going on?!

I sat on my chair – my comfy little throne. This chair has comforted and supported me the past seven months. I felt the smaller satin pillow against my lower back and the fluffy hypoallergenic pillow against my upper back and nape. I closed my eyes and snuggled against them and… it felt old! No, not the pillows – the feeling! I was bored with the feeling of the comfort they gave! My mind said “This again??”

I don’t wanna get bored of my PC, coffee and seat coz there’s nothing else to do, savor and park my butt on apart from these things!

What is there to do after you get bored with what matters?

What is there after boredom?

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