Sis has been asleep for like 20 out of 24hrs in a day for the past five days (or is it more?) Started ever since the weather became bearable during the afternoons. Now I’m still waiting for her to wake up and say “I want coffee….. zzzz…”


I’ve been hunting for Orcish Axes ever since I woke up. That, and watching Naruto (English-subtitled, not dubbed) and chatting with an old friend. I love wide screen. Can really maximize multi-tasking… though my brain goes on overload when somebody suddenly talks to me since my mind is already programmed to handle just those three tasks. When a fourth one comes into the picture, my system crashes and everything halts. Need a conscious effort to pause the video, read the last subtitle while paused, read the last msg sent in the chat window to remind myself I have to reply, check if my character is in a safe place, then when everything is in order I ask “What was that?”

I remember, the last team I was with when I was working was a bunch of mega-multi-taskers. I bow down to their brain power for processing. Somebody who stood out was a guy who was four years younger than me but was getting double my pay. He sure earned it. His brain was as sharp as a scalpel and nothing passes by him. We would be a couple of meters away from each other during a brainstorming session – he with another group, me with mine. Us being both deep in conversation (and believe me, planning and strategizing is not light thinking), he would butt into my conversation – him being mid-sentence – with a comment completely related to my topic, but not his. It’s like while solving a one-page math equation, he looks over at his seatmate’s equation which is completely different than his, blurts out the answer, then goes back to his like nothing happened. I’m always left scratching my head asking myself “Is he truly a genius? Or do I just truly suck for not being able to do the same thing??”

Well, since I’m not one to say die, I’m trying to train my brain to do the same. However, I feel like there something stopping me from actually being good at it. Like there’s this feeling I could be better (or was better at this some time before)… which is the same feeling I get when I try to remember something. “I know this! I know I know it! It’s just… I don’t seem to recall anything about it…”

I’ve always prided myself in my capability of learning something new all the time. But could it be that the saying “can’t teach old dogs” applies to me? No way! I refuse to believe that. I’ll have to remember, I had a 65-year old boss who learned to program in Microsoft Excel 2000, taught me a bits and pieces of macro economics, marketing, and the Asian Depression, and knew how to play games on his iPhone.

I look up to two geniuses. They have their own faults (the younger one doesn’t care how he hurts people with his words coz he knows he’s paid for his brains, not his attitude… and the older one is an Aquarian) and these are traits I certainly don’t have. But I shall not focus on their shortcoming, but on their traits that I covet… and hopefully, eventually, I will be as good as them – if not surpass them.

PS: The Naruto way of speaking can really creep its way into you.


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