The Chase

Pleasant dreams have started to visit me again. They started coming back to me around three to four nights ago. I wish they would never leave.  I wake up with a small smile on my face, hug the pillows then go back to sleeping wanting for more. It hasn’t been this peaceful for a long time.

Notable was a dream three nights ago. I was in our owner-type jeep in the passenger seat. We were driving home and were already on the bridge overlooking the bay. I had the window open and my hair was wafting in the wind. I looked out and caught the eyes of two guys in a light-colored car. They were slightly bringing up the rear, and seem to be traveling our same direction.

One look at them and I thought “Nice.” I saw in their reactions that they had the same idea. They took pursuit and tried to keep their car parallel with my vehicle so they can say hi over the window. It was hard so they decided to drive in front of us, hoping to find out my destination by taking the lead. (That sooo doesn’t make sense.) However, after they took the lead, I didn’t want them out of my sight. I was afraid I’d lose them or they would lose interest and just drive on ahead. As they drove on towards my place, it felt like I was chasing them.

I felt frustrated with my driver for not following them quick. Of course I can’t tell him “Follow those guys! Don’t let them out of your sight!” All I can do is hope he drives faster. To make matters worse, my driver kept deciding to turn on the wrong streets, or slow down, or back up then go on the right path. It was so frustrating when I was seeing how far the car was from me already.

The time from the bridge to reach my house isn’t long, but the chase with those two guys made it feel like a lifetime. So many wrong turns, mistakes, do-overs. My excitement and fear and anticipation was so intense, the drive was everything but boring.

There was a roadblock (or maybe a traffic jam) in front of our parish church. Just the excuse I was waiting for to get down from the jeep because I couldn’t handle all the excitement anymore… and I also wanted the guys to have a reason to get down from their car and talk with me. I told my driver that I’ll just walk home. When the guys noticed that we stopped, they stopped their car as well and got off. Perfect!

I was slightly more interested in the guy sitting on the passenger side. He almost seems just like my dream guy: silent-type, very sweet and loyal, high-class breeding, clingy and touchy,  and godly handsome with his rich lock of soft yet wavy hair. The guy in the driver seat looked more outgoing, hilarious, fun, outspoken, and cool with his closely-shaved head. A great best friend, and sidekick you’d like to be with in parties. Both were tall, very well-dressed and stylish.

I walked slowly towards them not knowing what to say or how to react. Should I acknowledge their presence and make them know that I noticed them? Or should I walk on ahead oblivious of them, and let them chase me some more?

Both were standing on the road and looking at me as I approached. The guy from the passenger seat followed me with his eyes but didn’t move. The driver started to walk towards me, produced a yellow loaf of bread from out of nowhere, broke it into half, got a pen and poised it on the bread and said “May we have your number?” as I tried to walk passed by him. I found this desperation really cute but vowed not to give him a positive reaction. He followed me and repeated “Please? You number? 09…?”

I walked on without looking at him or at the other guy, but shouted my number into the wind as I took each step away from them, hoping he got it right.

I reached the house and hoped he or they would call soon. The wait was killing me. I decided to stop checking my phone and just let things be. When I wasn’t checking, the call came. I just saw that a ‘Brian’ was calling. My phone which looked like a high-tech Blackberry was on silent so I wouldn’t have known about the call if I didn’t check it again. (Yeah, yeah, I said I decided I won’t check it anymore… but my hands still went for it. So sue me.)

I took the call in the living room so my sister would hear. I increased the volume to max on a very old-fashioned switch on the futuristic phone. “Hello??” I  sounded very anxious so I repeated with a more apathetic “Hello?” It was the cool guy from the driver seat. We talked but the content of the conversation is now lost to me. I told  Rhett about it and he was so happy about me finally opening doors to new guys and that’s I’m starting to flirt again.

I opened my eyes and that woke me up. I tried to go back sleeping to continue the dream but can’t anymore.

I dunno why the name of the guy was Brian. I don’t have any close friends by that name. All I can think of is the bum husband of Christmas Eve on Avenue Q. I dunno why he had to break bread and write my number on it. Jesus loves me? (Well, that’s my sister’s theory.) I also dunno why I didn’t end up talking with the guy I liked more.

Oh well, it was a cute dream, and definitely much better than nightmares. Wish they would just keep coming.

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