Post-War Wounds

The War of Emperium started at promptly 3PM local time. Since we had a castle in Yuno, we went to defend the entrance so as not to let any invaders in. There was one persistent guild and I think they pissed our guild master off that he shouted “Let’s bring the fight to them!!”… and so we did. We went straight to their castle in Aldebaran and tried to invade it. Being another tough guild, they stood their ground and put the dogs on us. We went home, whimpering in pain, just to find out that the castle we have been defending so tightly has already been overrun by another guild. (Yes, it was stupid, no one was left to defend. Thank the Guild Master Recall skill for that. >_<)

So there we were, tired and homeless, when our master suddenly pulled us in to another castle – this time in the main city, Prontera. We conquered it and drove out the previous inhabitants and stood guard by the entrance once more. We had one more hour before WoE ends and we decided to stick to that castle this time. It was the longest hour of our lives, having to wait for the hordes of invaders who may not even come.

Being the only priest online, I had to buff and heal and support close to 30 people (20 in my party and the rest of the guild members who can’t join the party since it’s already full). We were very successful in defending, that invaders stopped trying to conquer it. In short we got bored. And with boredom comes restless warriors who were rearing to taste blood.

Four minutes before the war ended, the stupidest of decisions was made! Our guild master called us into another guild’s castle to conquer it – hoping to get a second castle right at the last minute of the war. Dumb dumb dumb! We were all pulled out of our defense lines and no one was left at our castle. Once we all dropped into the defending castle, we got skewered on the spot… while we saw the message that the castle we have been defending for an hour was taken over by another guild. The pain! The misery! The stupidity!!

The war ended and of course, we were once more shelter-less. Fools. Tried to bite off more that we could chew.

We went back to town will low morale. I wanted to slap our guild master silly. But heck, who am I to point that out? I just joined the guild and the war that same day.

They vowed revenge (lol) and promised to get a castle in the next war. After which, everyone in guild just laughed about it and committed mass suicide. No kidding. They typed the command @die and everyone dropped dead on the spot. It was a laughable sight. I didn’t join in their folley coz I still felt like an outsider. Maybe next time. 🙂

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