War of Emperium

My main character was invited to join a top guild in Rebirth: the PRO LEGENDZ

Most of the members are Filipino. I don’t have much to say about the guild yet right now since I have mixed emotions about them. The guild master helped me get my Golden Wings then invited me to the guild. But afterward, he assumed I was a guy and wanted proof that I was actually female to the point of asking for my phone number, which of course I didn’t give. >_<

We have a castle in Yuno and the average level of all the 76 guild members is at 247. That means most of the members are all level 255. I’m relatively one of the weakest, in my opinion, because most of them are donators (use real money to buy items).

The War of Emperium would start in 15mins. That means all guilds vying to conquer a castle or defend a castle they already own would clash for a whole two hours. My role would be to support the high wizards and casters and make sure they don’t die (or don’t die too often). I’ll try to do my best and not let them down too easily. I haven’t seen a High Priest online yet. I wouldn’t want to be the reason why we would lose a castle.


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