It’s the weekly maintenance once more in Rebirth RO. Sis and I were surprised that one week has already passed since Floating Rates have ended and we were just leveling and adventuring a bit aimlessly for the past seven days. In fairness, we finished the tedious Kiehl Hyre quest yesterday… but that’s basically the only thing I remember about the past week.

I lost almost all my savings (zeny, not pesos) after buying myself the Naght Seiger set, the kick-ass twin blades of both fire and ice element that gives me the ability to cast a strong fire and ice spell, while slashing my opponent senseless. I also bought sis a Mistress Card, got another one for resale, bought a Bloody Knight and Gemini-S58 also for resale, and bought gold to complete the Golden Wings quest. Everything costing a little more over 230 million. (Wow, I already had that much??)

I’ve been getting text messages and emails from companies/headhunters asking for my updated CV. I haven’t responded to any, nor acknowledged having received their messages. I’m not yet ready.

I actually should. Even if it’s not a job I like. Whatever. Just like back in 2005 when I felt like working, I will find work when I know I’m ready.


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