Sex and the City and Me

I have now seen the complete Season 1 and 2 of Sex and the City – a total of 30 episodes. I still have four more seasons to complete.

Throughout the years, I’ve always put off watching this TV series since it doesn’t have the ring of ‘me’ on it. I’ve been biased against it, thinking it’s just some creative excuse to talk about sex on TV in an almost-unacceptable fashion. Not that I don’t like topics about sex. It’s the ‘excuse’ part I was against… before.

I finished downloading all seasons last January and planned to watch them in marathon to tide me over during the worst of days. It was also my little means of rebellion, knowing he didn’t like the show. I haven’t been able to religiously watch the episodes but whenever I do, I’m always amazed how each episode hits me with waves of epiphany and “hell yah!” moments.

I always walk away from each episode thinking “I really gotta write down all those quotes!” I have to stop myself from pressing the ‘Pause’ button to write down a catchy line mid-show so I don’t destroy the whole viewing experience. Facts of life that are frequently taken for granted have been so craftily spun into short but gut-punching sentences in the form of thoughts of Carrie Bradshaw.

As painful as it is to come face-to-face with my problems whenever I watch Sex and the City because I am dealing with a similar Mr. Big issue – only someone who is twisted and sadistic – S&tC is turning out to be quite therapeutic. All I just need to do is remember the little bits of golden advice Carrie offers. And before anyone shakes their head in pity at how pathetic this may be sounding, at least I’m still trying to find a solution.

So there! I am planning to start watching the episodes seriously (not just having it on in the corner of my monitor while I do something else on the major part of my screen) then after each episode, I won’t move on to the next before reflecting about the one I just finished thoroughly and writing my thoughts down about it.

Hopefully, at the end of this exercise, I would be on the faster road to recovery.

PS: Since my OC-ness makes me shiver at the thought of starting things in the middle, yet it would be too taxing to start watching the past episodes again just so I can write about them, I’ll just start with the season-ender of Season 2, move to the next seasons 3-6, then repeat 1 and 2 if I still feel the need for more “healing.”


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