To the Max!

The past seven days passed by like just one day in our marathon to max our characters (level 255) in Ragnarok Rebirth. The GM’s of Rebirth, as a means of saying sorry for all the problems the server went through the last weeks, made a really nice gesture of running Floating Rates for the whole week.

Last week, I only had one maxed out char, a friend just had one too, another friend was struggling to get there, and my sis was still discovering many things about her Star Gladiator and Creator. Today, at 9AM local time, we ended having more maxed out chars than we dreamed. It was very tiring, yet greatly fulfilling. It was more especially tiring for me since I literally brought all our chars to level 255 – a total of 10 chars.

Four on my accounts: a Whitesmith, Star Gladiator, Super Novice, and Assassin Cross (arranged chronologically). Four on my two friends’ accounts: a Lord Knight, Whitesmith (partly), and two High Wizards. Two on my sis’: a Star Gladiator and Super Novice.

A friend online said I was being masochistic. LOL. I call it pushing my limits and seeing how far I can go. I’m just glad I didn’t develop carpal tunnel in the process, what with all the repetitive movement of my hands on the mouse and keyboard. However, my back numbness has grown worse. I’ll take it easy the next coming days and go back to watching my TV series. I’ll also start seriously working on my mom’s website since I hardly had any progress there.

EDIT: When I thought I’ll be sleeping to sweet dreams of my four level 255 characters, the turn of events get even better! I thought of trying to go out and hunt for the last card (Sage Worm Card) that I’m missing to complete the Valkyrie Helm quest – a quest I’ve been slowly trying to complete for around three months now. I brought my Creator to Glast Heim, and not 10 minutes was I there that I finally got the card!!! I’ve been upturning stones just to find that card – searching for it in stores everyday, and even opening all my 71 pcs of Old Card Albums, hoping to find it – but to no avail.

Being the character to find the missing piece, I gave the honor to my Creator to put all the pieces together and take them to the quest NPC and retrieve the helm of the gods. Now, there’s the crowning glory to my already wonderful day! 🙂

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