Today’s Quote

Before going to bed this morning, I had a thought in mind that I wanted to post here. Was just overcome by a sudden wave of sleepiness and grouchiness (thanks to my crazy hormones right now) that I just decided to go upstairs even without comfort pillows.

Here’s the thought:

“Aside from accidents and calamities, you will never be in a situation that you can’t handle – because you put yourself there.”

This thought stemmed from sis and I talking about the weirdness meters of our lives. Here was I thinking how only weird men get attracted to me and come into my life, then suddenly I realize the prize still goes to her because the men in my life pale in comparison to her men’s weirdness.

I was thinking “How could she have been together with such scum of the earth when I can’t even see myself in my mind two meters from them? And how come we haven’t had the “acceptably normal men” in our lives ever?” And the answer is that! We got into our own messes because subconsciously we know we can handle it. What we couldn’t handle is having to deal with something mediocre and ordinary thus we stayed away from the dull and boring. However, we didn’t overdo it but only kept it to a level to which we know we can still take coz we know we can’t handle more than that. Once we go through the flames and get stronger from one ordeal/man, we move on to a more challenging one… then repeat as needed.

So once more, this thought stems to the big and influential people in the news, politicians running for office, nations’ leaders, Fortune 500 company CEO’s, Lady Gaga… they are all where they are right now because they CAN handle being where they are right now, and they CAN be the persons they are right now. And the only thing that separates us from them is knowing that we can or can not.

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