Empathy: Boon or Bane?

I’ve been reading up on Empaths and it’s been turning out to be a curse for most. Even took the quiz to know what type of Empath I am. (Everyone is an empath with just varying degrees anyway.)

Here’s the result:

Communication Empath
Human Empath
Healer Empath
Animal Empath
Balanced Empath
Clairvoyant Empath
Energy Empath
Physical Empath
The Communication Empath

The Communication Empath is someone who is an Empath, possibly hypersensitive, and who utilizes things like Empathic Communication, linguistics, verbal communication, Nonviolent Communication, and Empathic Listening.

In the Empath Quiz What Empathic Type Are You? the Communication Empath is described as such:

As a Communication Empath, you possess the ability to feel emotions from fictional characters in books, games, movies/TV and from works of art.

Now, lets examine this a little bit more in detail, before we continue on our discussion with Empathic Communication. So please bear with me here, because this will all make alot more sense as we go along.Now if a Communication Empath is one who possesses the ability to feel the emotions from fictional characters in books, games, movies, television and works of art, what we end up saying is that they are highly sensitive to all forms of visual and written communication.

So, imagine this ability being translated into interpersonal interaction with other people. It is an ability based in speaking ~ which means in empathic listening, linguistics, and verbal and empathic communication.

Feeling the emotions of things that are written, even about a fictional character, or feeling the emotions of things that are visual in nature like a piece of art, easily translate into real world interaction with other people.


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