Today’s Quotes

“People disagree because they believe their opinion is better.” – thought that occurred to me while taking a shower

“People disagree because they have an opinion.” – pahabol just now

“You can’t be resurrected. You’re wearing Undead Armor. Everyone knows that.” – Priest in RO who insulted me for not knowing something

“Didn’t know you are Everyone.” – Count on sis to give the quickest and most biting retort known to mankind

“The! When it rains it’s four?! Cut me some slacks! The nerd. >_<” – from an all-time favorite email circulating among coworkers who have enough time on their hands to be forwarding Inday jokes

“Nobody’s perfect. I’m Nobody” – Lifted from the queen of biting sarcasm herself. ^_^ My new ultimate byline!!


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