Currently at Biolabs 4 fighting for my life while being mobbed by boss-level monsters, explaining to sis some RO terms and stats, and at the same time pressing ALT+TAB while waiting for my Assassin Cross to finish killing a monster so I can type 3-4 words into this blog entry. I have a weird need to multi-task right now. Succeeding in it gives me a sense of victory, like winning a really difficult challenge.

Or possibly, it’s a conspiracy between my caffeine-drowned brain and hyperactive hands to to see how much my synapses would be able to take before lethargy takes hold again of my being.


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  • An attempt to remember.

  • The author and editor would like to thank the visitors of this site for dropping by and taking time to go through the articles.

    These are simply but ramblings of one woman struggling to retain as much youth in a fast-aging world. With her deteriorating senses and memory, this is her way holding on to as much as she can remember.

    The tone of the blog will most-likely change once she shifts to another phase in life. As of the moment, she claims to be at peace while in hibernation.

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