My Sister’s Muchness

The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?
Alice Kingsley: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

– Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Good Friday is not being too good to my health. I feel I’m about to come down with something. Heaven forbid. My muscles have been aching, my lungs feel heavy, and my throat has been itching.

I slept through the whole day, uncharacteristically. I fell asleep on the chair, got up to lie on the floor, then my sis gave me a mat to lie on. Must have snoozed from 2PM-9PM. My day practically started just a few hours ago.

Sis and I played a bit of RO then we prepared our chars to vend and level up while we watched Alice in Wonderland. I downloaded the movie so my party can watch it last night but we didn’t get around to doing so.

Afterward,  sis and I chatted for a bit and I learned that because of her SM, National Bookstore, and soon Robinsons Department Stores have been using the Green Bag instead of their previous plastic bags. She said she has had three humankind-changing proposals (my words) already and this was one of them. There was more in the story but my brain was already stuck with the fact that I have such a – wait, ‘great’ is to weak a word – sister, that I failed to capture more of what she said. (I’m afraid to ask “What’s that you said again so I can blog about it?” coz she might think I was not listening. :P ) Her prof wrote about the Greening of SM in the Youngblood of Inquirer. And no, she didn’t do it coz it was a ‘school project’ thing. She did it because she wanted to… I dunno… contribute to society. (Something that fails to occur to me ever since I was born.) Whazzzzuuup with that?! If I could just give her a Nobel right now…

I remember feeling this way too when she told me she should have gotten the Oblation Scholarship if it just wasn’t for her Math test scores in the UPCAT. She scored 99% in ALL exams except Math! That would mean that she would have possibly been in the Top 10 of the UPCAT. If that were the case, she would literally be in the Top 10 Wisest Students in the Philippines in her batch!! Whazzzzuuup with that?!

I’m sure this is how Lorelai felt when Rory got accepted into all three prestigious Ivy League schools: Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. I keep joking how she and I are not related. I think I’ve long outgrew my days of over-achievement. (But I’d like to repeat to myself “No. Your life’s trend is just like that of a phoenix. You become as wonderful and bright as day, then burst into flames, take a great fall, die, then come back again. Over and over again. Enjoy while your ‘normal-person-hood’ lasts.”)

I’m back deciding on what to do. Since I don’t feel so well, I’m debating whether to sleep again or do something about the “rest of my day.” Maybe I’ll go watch a few episodes or some TV series and satisfy the ‘normal person’ in me.

PS: I was trying to update this post when I exclaimed once more about how much I loved the font of her blog. She – my sister who I used to help out in computers before – taught me HTML code and edit the font of my blog! Whazzzzuuup with that?! And right now, she just finished blogging and announced “I should start reading!!” (referring to a book she’s raving so much about The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Safon) coz I think she’s already done with the audio version of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. I’m so glad for having a genius of a sister… and I’m hoping right now that she doesn’t read this post (even if she’s linked to it) coz everything I said sounds like I’m trying to suck up and it isn’t even near my birthday yet.


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