The Taste of Lent

Sis fell asleep while watching her Avast do a full-system scan on her laptop. (Duh, who wouldn’t?) I’ve been playing RO and leveled my Assassin Cross. I wanted to know what’s all the fuss about SinX’s that’s why I created one. I got bored with her so I went back to hunting for stuff to sell at the Dimensional Gorge with my Priestess. It’s been a pretty boring day.

I’m glad however that a couple of my friends would be coming over tomorrow for a sleepover… or more like a play-over. We’ll network our laptops together so all four of us can play to our hearts’ content. I’ll be making food for the party tomorrow. I just hope I get to wake up in time to reach the grocery before they close early for the Lenten season.

Creamy Seafood Alfredo maybe (if I can find some good mussels and shrimp) – I’ll bear the allergies. I’ll throw in some soup and bruschetta. I’m craving for some Cream of Pumpkin soup or maybe Cream of Broccoli Cheese. I guess it’s all up to what ingredients are available  at the grocer. I have a feeling I wouldn’t have a lot of choices since everyone would be hording for Good Friday and Black Saturday.

I’m going back to playing now. Hope sis wakes up so we can watch some episodes of Heroes or play before we call it a day – which she seems to have done already.


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