We Live on Avenue Q

My sis and I are watching Avenue Q in a few hours! Whee!!!

It was actually lucky that we were still able to get tickets to the show two days before the last play date! It was difficult to purchase the tickets coz they weren’t selling through normal means (e.g. Ticket Sales office, Ticket World, TicketNet). There is a given person handling ticket sales for each play date and time. Like for today, the 2PM show’s distributor is a person named Mae, while for the 8PM show the distributor is Joel Trinidad, one of the cast members.

I had to contact him and he gave me his wife’s email. I emailed his wife but of course email is not an instantaneous means of communication. She gave me a seat map and asked where we wanted to be seated (Orchestra Center or Side). After I give her the info, she will give me the account number of her husband so I can make the deposit through there.

I told Rhett about the arrangement (since he’ll be the one shelling out the cash) and he decided to go to Atlantis Productions’ office instead. At that time he didn’t have his assistant around since Janet had to go home for a family emergency, yet he closed his dental clinic for 10 mins, walked on to Atlantis Productions’ office and talked to the people there. They called Joel for him, they talked, and Atlantis said they will be the ones to make arrangements to get the tickets. All he had to do is come back the next day to pay for them pick them up.

When he finally had the coveted tickets on hand, he demanded I beg and grovel and kiss the ground he walks on before he hands them over to me. The douche. Haha! (Well, ok, I did… but just for a bit…)

The last musical I watched together with a person close to me was Sweeney Todd. The ending was a tragedy… so was the story. This time, even if our lives suck, we know we can count on friends whose lives suck as much as ours to help when we’re down… or at least to make us feel better by letting us know they’re going through the same shit as we are.

As a parting shot, here’s the “teaser” I have been watching over and over again, psyching me up for the show later:


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