Questionable Quests

I’m starting to have problems with the server I joined. Dunno if it’s caused by my installed software (incomplete sprites?) or because it’s not the official retail version.

First off, I play WoW because I love the quests. Each quest is well thought of, and not some pathetic command from an NPC parading as a quest such as “collect 1500 pieces of sharp scales and I’ll make you a sharp sword.” Well, since I have played on the retail version (albeit trial), I already know well enough that ALL aspects of the game work and when the quest says that I will find a cage in a specific place, I WILL really find the cage at that place. However, tonight, I’ve been encountering one too many quests that I haven’t been able to finish due to missing or not working components.

Inoculation of the Owlkins – inoculation process complete yet nothing registered as inoculated. 0/6

Unlock the cage and kill the Deathly Ravager – (this I already referred to a walkthrough to make sure I have done everything right)… the walkthrough had  a screenshot of where the cage would be, but as I stood there on that SAME spot, background and all, everythign was there except the cage with the monster.

I’ll try in another privater server tomorrow, or the next day (in case I come home late). Same race and class. We’ll see what really needs fixing.


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