What I Set Out to Do

Finally, my download of the complete World of Warcraft has completed! A total of 13.5Gig of data which I started downloading non-stop (if you won’t count the 50 times my wireless card got disconnected from the network) two and a half days ago. More gaming, here I come!

Ok fine, it’s getting to be a bit tiring just sitting the whole day in front of my brand new 20′ wide screen, black rose crystal-cased monitor and just play games or watch downloaded TV series… but I can’t simply bring myself to look for a job just yet when everywhere I look all I see are openings for call center positions.

Am I going back there? I could never discount that possibility. But the big question is… once I get sucked into that world again, how the hell will I get back to trying to do what I just really want to do?

So you ask me, what the hell do you really want to do?? Simple: play games and get paid for it, and act and sing on stage…

OMG, wait, I just realized I’m doing hardly anything to achieve that!

Yeah, I’m on the look out for auditions right now… but so far I already let three important ones pass me by! Fear of rejection? Lack of confidence? Basing the most possible outcome on all other failed auditions?… Whatever, the point is, I missed out on them!

And gaming… In my more than five months of hiatus from work, I haven’t achieved what I has originally set out to do: continue and finish all the games I have in this house! All my classics, from Fallout 1 and 2, to Kingpin, to Soul Reaver, Starcraft 1, Red Alert 2 & 3 (at least I finished the 1st RA, I think), Tiberian Sun, Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2, Dungeon Siege 1 & 2, etc. etc. …  OMG, sooo many!

Now I remember all these, I feel pressured that I’m not getting anything done! And when I feel pressured, I tend to crawl away and forget about what I felt pressured about.

So now, I’ll go back to WoW Wrath of the Lich King, join a private server, and level until I reach lvl 85 and have God-like items.


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