First Born

After a few minutes of playing WoW, I already have a pretty decent (emphasis on ‘pretty’) character I ‘d like to show off. Here she is:

Presenting Herschel, a Bloodelf Warlock who already has her little Imp. Of course I always name my alpha character after me. She’s currently lvl 13, but that’s soon going to change.

So far, so good with the private server I chose to join. There are sooo many people I even have to stay in queue sometimes before I could get in. It doesn’t take too long to join the game though. Max number of people is capped at 4,500. Right now, there are 70 else waiting. Even if they have three realms already, I think it’s time they open a new one.

I haven’t decided which professions I will be taking up yet, but possibly I’ll be going down the path of Enchantment.

Sis needs to just finish getting the whole root folder from me over the network so we can both play. With my connection issues, I’m guessing that’s gonna take her around 2-3 days to complete the whole thing. That or I get a flash drive/hard drive/writable DVDs tomorrow when we go out. I’ll go check my budget first.

Apart from my network card getting disconnected like five times already in the past hour, everything has been going pretty well on my end.


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