The Fork In The Road – Dec 29, 6th day

I threw the ball in your court with the email I sent you. I’m sure your thinking of saying something harsher. No, more like I’m sure you’re thinking of giving up and calling it quits. That’s just you. You always run away from problems. You don’t know how to deal!

The next day, around 1PM, I saw you online in Facebook already. You commented on somebody’s photo, you became/accepted friend requests from some people. There was activity. But no word yet from you. You must be really thinking about it.

Around 4PM, you sent me a message through FB chat. "My internet just came back on." Heck yeah! Like 3hours ago when you woke up and went online! Sino na naman ginagago mo?! You think I’d fall for that excuse?! And if your Internet really did malfunction during that very crucial chat of ours last night, are you truly a moron not to immediately call me so I wouldn’t think that you didn’t disconnect on purpose?!?! To hell with waking up people at my house!! We haven’t had this big a fight in months then you are acting like you don’t even want to fix it!!!

I don’t think I replied to your message. I wouldn’t even acknowledge such insult on my intellect!!

"I’m reading your email right now" you said next. Ulol! You have read that hours ago and still you don’t know how to deal with it so your stalling. Yet, more lies from you.

I don’t know what happened next, I know I said something as a reply, but it already escapes me. At 7:31PM, you replied to my letter:


I wrote a really long reply. Took me 2 hours. But I’m
not going to send it anymore. Because I’m not going to really oppose
you on anything anymore. Just keep saying whatever you want to say

"Because I’m not going to really oppose
you on anything anymore.
Just keep saying whatever you want to say here." Is that in any way a form of giving in?! Of surrender?! Of an apology?! Coz it surely sounds like a provocation to me!

I didn’t reply. I know things will get worse if I did. I know you were looking for a fight. I won’t give it to you that easy.

I slept around 1AM. I just left my Facebook and YM online just in case you’d want to send a message.

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