First Day Without You – Dec 25, 2nd day

It’s Christmas.

You called me at 9AM before you and your family left for the province. I was still asleep but I immediately jumped up from bed when I heard faintly that Papa said ‘Jon.’ Those few hours being away from you made me miss you so terribly already. We have been hardly away from each other ever since Oct 8. I think just once, and it had a really bad effect on us. I feared what this separation again would do to us. I didn’t voice it out though.

It was a quick chat. I wished you a safe trip. I know it won’t take you long to come back home to me coz you told me it’s a one-night thing. Knowing you, even if all your family members had cellphones, you wouldn’t borrow one to call/text me anytime in the day or in the evening to say good night (yes, I have accepted that for a little bit already). It was a bit fine. I knew you’d be back the next day.

I posted a message on your Wall in Facebook "Baboo-kun, missing you. Merry Christmas. Uwi ka naaaa. :)" I’m no longer afraid of showing the world how I feel for you, even if you are not formally my boyfriend.

I enjoyed the day with Mommy and Blanche and Mama and Papa. I kept thinking about you all the time though. Still hoping a miracle would happen and you would change and suddenly text me.

Nothing came. Oh well. Merry Christmas. You’ll be back by tomorrow anyway.


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