Always Something There to Remind Me

I’m tired thinking about you.
To forget, I drown myself in so many anime episodes that I almost finished one whole season ofr Death Note yesterday. I would have kept on watching if I didn’t have to wake up to help with cooking the next day.
No use. Everything reminds me of you. The protagonist-antagonist ‘L’ in Death Note is just as shrewd, as tactical, as cold-hearted, as calculating, and as socially-deprived as you. His battle of wits with ‘Light’ the lead character is just too reminiscent of your battle of wits with me – no one wants to lose, no one wants to give in, everyone answers a challenge with another challenge.
I thought of watching Naruto instead, but it was you who gave me these burned copies of the anime. We used to watch them together at your place. No, not good.
I’m thinking of getting a puppy, a pomeranian or a maltese. That would remind of both our love for dogs. It would remind me of Brandy. It would remind me of the time we went to Ilocos and I saw a pomeranian pup for the first time.
I was helping to cook leche flan this afternoon. My mind kept thinking "Hmm, what would he think if I gave him one of these and tell him I made it? Would he be happy and proud I’m now trying my hand at cooking? Something he wanted me to do even before? I wonder if he would accept it. I wonder if things would go back to normal."
I was listening to Alanis and signing my angst out. No good. You kept having me sing her songs so I can sing for your band before.
I thought of writing lyrics – but what else would they be but of you?
I thought of playing the piano, but your mocking words crept up unwantedly "You? Ha! You can try!"
Everywhere I look, everything I do, everything I think, I feel, I see, I hear – everything reminds me of you! Stop it!!!

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