We were all asked to take a computerized verbal exam to gauge our English capabilities. This was done yesterday (my time, in the day that never ends, so stop trying to compute what day that was).


It was fun. I had to be locked up in a room where there was only the Avaya phone, a reading sheet and me. I simply had to press one button and make sure I keep my hands to myself… lest I press any key on the Avaya, my test would end immediately and my score will fail.


I said “Let’s bring it on!” I pressed the button. Tada! I blundered on the first question. Take note: Read sentence 9 on your sheet. Maaan! How hard is it to read?! Ok, focus. I went through the other sentences smoothly this time.


Next parts consisted of phrase repetition; un-jumble the phrases to make a sentence; QnA like “If John was older than Sally by 4 years, how old is John?” type of questions (damn trick questions that have to be answered in 10secs); and verbal paragraphs to test vocabulary.


I got my scores just this afternoon (normal people’s time). Perfect score is 80. I got 75. Not bad (I blame the Math questions to which I all answered “I don’t know”). Breakdown of my score is: Construction – 76, Accent – 75, Vocabulary – 65, Pronunciation – 80



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