Scoping Out the Prey

I just got some juicy info about Justin from a fellow QMT. I found out that…
  1. He’s top tech of the whole Pasay site.
  2. He came from Batch 6
  3. He recently applied for the Resolution Specialist post
  4. He’s very smart and techy
  5. He is being courted by several Customer Care girls. One really pretty CC girl was openly asking him out for a date. Another CC girl gave him an indecent proposal. (We’ve got another Biscuit on our hands.) J
  6. He hardly talks with/greets anyone, especially girls. Suplado daw coz of the fact that he’s afraid of more crazy proposals thrown his way.
  7. He writes.
  8. A fellow QMT (gay) has the hots for him
  9. Before getting regularized, everyone has to write a letter to their manager explaining why they need to get regularized. His letter was the best among all techs and he was given an award and recognized for it during our All-Hands-Meet at the SM Cinema last Feb. 28, 2007.  It was projected on stage for everyone else to see. (event was featured on ABS-CBN)
  10. He has never had a girlfriend. (Dunno how true this is)
Daaaamn! We’re talking big fish here!! Most important is that he’s GOT BRAINS + POTENTIAL!! Everything else dim in comparison. If he talks to me even more, I swear I’m gonna fall.
Okay, so what I did when I went home is, of course, dig up more dirt. So what better source should I go to but Friendster? After an hour searching, I finally came upon his page… and lo and behold, a blog!
So is he really as smart as they say? I read his posts. Well, they were okay. Some thoughts were really introspective. While sometimes I felt he’s just beating around the bush. Guess I’m just a stickler for the direct and in-your-face biting wit or harsh sarcasm which other writers have. He’s okay, in comparison to other people who couldn’t string to thoughts in a sentence if their life depended on it.
For his pic and blog (shhhh) here’s the URL.

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