It’s official!

I have a new crush! (Shet, high school…) Not that I’m putting Biscuit aside… but I think I’m really liking this guy here at my new workplace.
He’s really fair-skinned, looks so fresh all the time, dark brooding eyebrows, pointed nose, shaved-head, and really really sexy voice. (Ok, nobody still beats the groin-throbbing voice of my Biscuit, but this is a close candidate.)
I met him first when I conducted a meeting with their team. They all huddled around me as I spoke and updated them on a new process that is about to be implemented. He raised a question. I turned to answer. One look at him and my cutie radar went haywire!
He kept asking so many questions which I could no longer remember. I encouraged more questions from him as I [professionally] stared at him. (Ahhhh… nice view)
When my talk was about to end and I asked “Are there any more questions?” He immediately told his teammates “Huy! Questions pa! Dali, tanong pa pa kayo! Cge na! Ah, ako, may question ako…” then he teasingly smiled at me. Of course he couldn’t think of anything more coz he pretty much squeezed his brain for all the questions he could ask. (yep, I felt he didn’t want me to leave just yet, but then again, I could simply be dreaming while awake). After, I thanked them for their time then left. I felt crappy that I didn’t even get his name… pero masyadong obvious naman yon di ba?… I found out later anyway that he is known as Justin)
So there, I simply went back to my station. On my monitor, a window popped up with somebody wanting to add me to his buddy list. “Adrian wants to be your buddy.” My heart pounded with a million jackhammers. Is this him?? I added the guy and he introduced himself. False alarm. Wasn’t him. It turned out to be one of his teammates. (Wrong guy! Wrong guy! Not you! Why you?!) Well, we chatted, found out that he was overly smart, and we quickly became good friends… but that’s another story.
Adrian started inviting me to smoke everyday, almost every break period he gets. (I used to turn him down or hide from him but we always have a lot to talk about, so I simply obliged.) Here falls the problem of him being teammates with my crush. When we smoke, Justin and the other people usually see us together and it is public knowledge that Adrian and I are always talking. (A guy from RMH even asked me if he is my boyfriend… Geez!) I feel Justin is thinking that Adrian is courting me… heavens no!
But then… today happened…
Adrian is nowhere to be found. Absent or on leave, I guess. Another tech asked me out to smoke (Jeez! Is this the dating theme here?!) so I said I’ll see if I could follow coz I’ll be getting a cup of coffee first. I went to the cafeteria.
My day was made the moment I got in the door. He was there! Justin was there!
“Slippery when wet.” A sign on the floor said. Well damn! It sure is!!… oh yeah, and the floor too. 🙂
At one far end, he was sitting at a table finishing his lunch. I immediately considered having lunch din para at least may reason ako mag-stay sa pantry. (Baka lapitan ako at kausapin.) Eh he got up then brought his tray to the dishwasher’s area. Damn! Plan B! Hmm, ano ba Plan B ko? Ah, I need a reason to get near him! Ok, punta ako sa may Cashier. Ano ba magagawa ko sa may Cashier? Ah! Bili ng candy! I picked the candy area facing spot where he was standing. For some unknown reason, he was dilly-dallying by the water dispenser, back to the dishwaher area, then back to the water fountain.
I kept praying that he was thinking of going to the Cashier too to buy something. That way I could strike up a conversation. Well, he didn’t. I picked 3 candies I haven’t even touched until now. (Off tangent… damn! Mahal ng candy! P1 each!)
Okay, ayaw nyang lumapit? Fine! Alis na lang ako… kung magtagal pa ako, baka makahalata sya. So pumunta na lang ako ng coffee machine sa opposite end ng cafeteria then made myself a strong cup. I looked over my shoulder and saw him still dilly-dallying by the water dispenser. Wtf? Is he waiting for some friends? Oh well, I don’t think I’ll get a chance today. I took a final glance and wasn’t still sure if he is leaving or staying so I decided to head for the door.
And oh my friggin’ lard! He started walking towards the same door as well! Yes, yes, yes! This is my chance!! But… wait, wait… what’s this na napapansin ko na parang sinasabayan nya ung lakad ko?? (Nagaatubili ako na maglakad ng mabilis just in case na maunahan ko sya sa pinto at hindi nya ako pag buksan at mawawalan ako ng chance para sabihin na “Thank you” with matching fluttering eyelashes.) So ang scene eh… I was walking my normal pace, then slower, then slower… tapos sya rin! He started walking slower and slower din.
Haha! That was the longest walk out of the pantry ever!…
Thirty steps to the door:
Boom 1: Will he wait for me to get to the door and open it myself? Or will he rush to the door, open it for himself then let it slam on my face even if my hands are full?
Twenty steps:
Boom 1: Shoot! Sinasabayan nya ba ako?
Boom 2: Wag ka nga mag-feeling!
Boom 1: Teka, malapit mo na malaman…
Fifteen steps:
Boom 1: I think napansin nya na ako ‘to
Boom 2: Gaga! Kanina pa nya alam na ikaw yan! Sinasabayan ka nga niya di ba??
Boom 1: Hindi nya ako sinasabayan… nagkataon lang… siguro…
Ten steps:
Boom 1: Look down at the floor, then slowly look up and act like you noticed him for the first time. *breathe in, breathe out*
Five steps:
Me: *starting to look up from the floor*
Justin: “Oh hey!” *big smile*
Four steps:
Me: “Oh, hi!”
Boom 1: Is he really talking to me?! Was he really the one who started the conversation?! Sinabayan ba nya talaga ako para makausap?! O_O
Boom 2: Ilusyonada!
Three steps:
Boom 1 & 2: Anong “Oh, hi!” Is that the best you could do?!
Me: “Musta na?”
Justin: “Eto, just had lunch.“
Two steps:
Me: “Ah, okay. So how’s the team?”
Boom 1 & 2: Lame!!
Last step:
Justin: “Oks lang naman sila.”
At the door:
*Justin opens it for me*
Me: Thanks! See yah! *I walked the opposite direction of where he was going*
Boom 1 & 2: Ganyan nga! Magpaka-aloof ka para tumanda kang dalaga! DUWAG!

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  1. Wahahaha! Pagbigyan! Minsan-minsan lang ako tumambling dito. This is the closest I could get to having any "action." ^_^

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