“Di ko pa ginagamit ang aking isang daang porsyentong lakas!”

I achieve a heightened state of awareness that lasts for about 3-4 hours after I wake up and drink my coffee.
My mind goes on overdrive. My brain comes up with things I don’t usually achieve on normal conditions. I feel things I would usually be dense about without the caffeine and first hours of waking.
During high school, I used this state to memorize whole books word for word (No exaggeration here. The downside is, few facts get stored in my long term memory). I used it to answer Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry problems to best everyone in my year. Perfecting exams was too commonplace back then. For a numbers-fiasco I am now, it would be hard to believe that I was previously the Vice President of the Math Club.
However, this high is merely Level One. The easiest to achieve. All I have to do is sleep, drink coffee, then think. (The longer the sleeping hours, the longer the effects.)
Level two is the difficult part. I have to make my brain work still on overdrive while half asleep. My mind and body needs to meet certain conditions to achieve that state.
1. I have to really want to solve something with all my will.
2. I have to be extremely sleepy.
3. I have to be sitting down.
4. I have to drink just the right amount of coffee that wouldn’t keep me too energized. (If too much, my REM or Random Eye Movement would be too fast to keep my eyelids closed.)
5. I have to be thinking about the problem right into the very state of half-sleep.
Remember how nightmares used to bug us as kids? Dreams turn into nightmares because of an overdrive in imagination. This "trick" aims to create the same effect, aided by the caffeine to simulate the finely tuned imagination children have.
I accidentally stumbled on this while studying for a big exam. I was sitting at my desk, frantic but sleepy as hell. As a reviewer, I used to make up extremely difficult problems for me to answer. I made one problem which got me stumped. Even if I was fighting sleepiness, I dosed off.
I dosed off but not before taking the problem with me in my dreams. I saw numbers and formulas swimming in front of me. I heard my voice coming from everywhere. Wake up… Reviewing… Rest… So what’s the answer?… There has to be a way… This doesn’t match… But if I put this here… That seems… Sleep… Hang on… Right… Then put that over there… Wait… Yes… No… No way… Yes!
My eyes flew open. In slow motion, I could see the apple falling from the tree.  "Eureka!" I shouted. (My thanks to Newton and Archimedes.)
I was still holding the pencil. (I won’t say if I drooled over the reviewer or not…) I hurriedly scribbled what my mind saw before the last traces of the dream slip away from my mind’s grasp.
As I learned later on, I artifically subject myself to REM sleep with the conscious knowledge that I’m going to pull myself out of it right after getting what I need. A few times, real sleep completely took over and I came up with jack shit after waking a few hours later. I’m no authority on this matter. I don’t even know if it is Wake-initiated lucid dreams (WILD) that I go into. All I know is, the mind is too full of potential which is hardly consiously used by people.
Author’s Note: Since I wrote this during Level 1, I could no longer remember now what came over me that I had to impulsively write this log. The effects have already faded away. x_x

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