Ninong sent some photos from the nth 3rd world country he is trying to save. Now with the UN, he gets destined to Liberia to dodge more bullets while keeping his ledger pristine. (enough of the melodrama… not apt for a cranky accountant on a peacekeeping mission)
Liberia, with its pockmarks of war, has a lot of areas that somehow resemble the slums of Manila. Monrovia, albeit being the country’s capital, was severely damaged in the Liberian Civil War, notably during the siege of Monrovia, with many buildings damaged and nearly all the infrastructure destroyed. Major battles occurred between Samuel Doe‘s government and Prince Johnson‘s forces in 1990 and with the NPFL‘s assault on the city in 1992. A legacy of the war is a large population of homeless children and youths, either having been involved in the fighting or denied an education by it. (And yes, that’s stock knowledge… okay, okay, I got it from Wikipedia.)
Images of a life I’m sure grateful I’m not part of…
2 Responses to “Monrovia”
  1. b says:

    wow… the humanitarian spirit of my sister rises to the surface!
    so, can you be a little more humanitarian for me…can you find me a decent date for Feb 14? all senses of the word "decent"…
    there…i\’ve said it, for the whole wide world to see. i\’m single, AND looking. at least for a day.
    you know "boy crazy" and my name don\’t belong in the same sentence, but i think i have to dissociate and be someone else first so i can stand my students.
    then there\’s a bonus of a date. if ever.
    or don\’t the terms "social life" and "teaching" belong to the same sentence either? >_<

  2. Boom says:

    Hahaha! Well, well! If it isn\’t my habit-donning sister looking for a date at last! I\’ve heard of nuns plucking weed in the garden… not smoking \’em!
    Well sis, seems we both struck out coz I, too, have been searching for that elusive date for 452 days now and haven\’t found a single one. How hard is it to find a guy with 200+ IQ, willing to take on my surname, and let me do all the bread-winning? All he has to do is be smart and sit on his ass!… And I thought there were millions of smartasses out there! *pfft!*

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