One after another…

Great. Just great. When I thought I could start saving after paying for all the holiday’s bills and for my annual insurance, I thought I could start saving some extra cash. But noooo, my monitor needed to break down now, for cryin’ out loud! So guess what? I’m trying to create this blog entry without seeing what I’m typing. (Round of applause, please.)
I was actually happy that a PLDT line man came by about last Wed to fix the grounded phone line. I was vey glad that at last, I would have to say goodbye to disconnected Internet connection. But of course, the day the line got fied, my monitor said adieu.
Come on! Work! Nah, it’s doing anything… just randomly flickering up and down… *pfft*
I just wanted to write about the movies I saw today, and those that I saw last weekend too… or maybe even about the wonderful trip to Villa Escudero last Friday.
Aww, this sucks. I guess I’ll have to wait ’til Monday to work on this when I get to the office. Maybe, if I get pissed so much I’ll get a new monitor on Monday before going to work.
Now that I’ve given up writing this blog, how the heck to I find the Publish entry link? Eenie minie mynie moo…

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