Wow. Ten days since my last post?! Doesn’t feel like 10 days have passed!


But, what proved to only be a month and two weeks seems like years from all the changes that happened during that time span.




Mike quit the QC team after me, moved to Dell.

Yayan resigned, rested a bit, then went to VConnect.

Anton left the QC team, moved to Ops, became a TM for Xbox.

Liza left the QC team, moved to Ops, became a TM for MSN TS Level 2.

Jorge left the QC team, moved to Training, now in training as a Trainer.

May left the QC team, now preparing to move to Training as well.

Makoy quit Dell.


Resignation letters. EPIFs. Change of Status papers. Clearance. Incident Reports. Show Cause memos… simple pieces of paper flying left and right… making or breaking people’s careers.



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