MMFF = >_<

I thought I could already watch Blood Diamond today. Didn’t know that the Metro Manila Film Festival was lengthened (dang Enteng Kabisote). I dunno why, but I’ve always hated the MMFF. I’ve never gotten anything good out of it all these years. Still, wtf is all the buzz about it?! Just a bunch of films with good looking yet very bad actors, spare a few!
I only became aware of the MMFF when I started college. How? Every year, I became late for my class because of the parades (Manila area) since I don’t know the parade sched. Every year, majority of the movie houses are closed to foreign films… and (FYI) I only learned how to watch movies in college kaya sinusulit ko ang panonood nun. As ugly as it sounds, English films are the only movies I watch.
However, what I hate most about the MMFF is the fact that our producers keep their "masterpieces" (if you can call them that) for the end of the year. Musta naman ang quality ng Philippine movies from January to November! Para silang mga pulitiko eh! Pasikat lang pag may huhusga na. >_<
Other reasons why I hate the MMFF:
1. Pinipilit na magkaroon ng films that will fall under Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy and Horror.
2. Kung sino ang mga sikat na artista ng panahon na yon ang siguradong magiging bida sa mga entries.
3. Kung pwedeng isuksok at bigyan ng role ang lahat ng sikat na artista sa time na yun, gagawin nila sa loob ng isang movie.
4. Kelangan laging may entry si Ceasar Montano.
5. Lagi na lang may controversy ang awards night.
6. Dapat lahat ng entries mabigyan ng award kahit hindi deserving (Best in Make-up… Tatlong Baraha?? Subagay, galing ng mga maskara nila, natakpan nga naman ang tunay na anyo.)
And maybe, just maybe, I also hate the MMFF because it reminds me of the industry which I could never be fully part of… kahit gaano ko pa man gustuhin.
A few years ago (don’t want to remember when), I got forced into watching Gagamboy, one of the MMFF entries… and I had to pay for the movie ticket as well. It was definitely a day that was going from bad to worse each minute (but that’s another story). To put it simply, seeing such an entry carved my hate for the MMFF in stone.
So here we are again, another year, another disappointment. I wonder what next year’s MMFF would bring…

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  1. you have time to watch movies?!?!
    i hate you!!!
    no, i hate my students more.
    obnoxious coño mode: on
    what\’s with being so ingay ba after new year? like, did their ears make sabog ba with all the paputok the buraot kids love to disturb the whole neighborhood with? can they not hear how freakin\’ noisy they are na? as in for the first time, my classroom management skills threatened to become zilch.
    i will have my vengeance tomorrow. we are scheduled for a long test.
    HAH! Grade 9 Gold, prepare to meet your doom!

  2. Aba! Nabuhay kayong dalawa!!
    *pang-inggit mode: on*
    Yes, little sister, I still have time to watch movies, still have time to go home early to download episodes of Smallville and Bleach on my PC (as you have seen), and still have time to play cupid when I feel like it (which was only once).
    Masyado ka lang na-miss ng mga estudyante mo kaya ganun na lang ingay nila. ^_^
    At ikaw, Yayan, if I know (gayahin natin ang grammatically incorrect expression ng karamihan), ilang bases mo na pinanood ung video. Wehehe. If I know (uli), memorized mo na rin ung lyrics. ^_^
    PS: Langya kayo, kelangan ko lang palang i-trash ang MMFF para makarinig ako sa inyo! 😀

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