Had my second 1-on-1 session with my boss today. It’s scheduled every first Friday of the month but since my training sched is from 7:30AM-4:30PM, it would not be feasible for me to meet her at 10PM of Friday. I actually didn’t know she scheduled it today. Good thing I was waiting for one of the QAs to arrive so that he could turn over his responsibilities to me. (He’ll be moving to the Libis site on Monday.)
I arrived at my station with Mommy Cherry waiting for me. "Ayun! Dito ka na rin. Didn’t you get my text?" Ayun na nga! Wala ako na-receive. I really need to get a new phone na.
Our session was so-so. There was nothing much to discuss since I haven’t formally taking on the job responsibilities of a Dell QA yet. While I was having my 1-on-1 with her, Melvin was having his with Jacky, his direct superior.
After our session, Mommy Che said she’ll introduce me to Mike Garrison, Dell Phil.’s Country Manager, so we went over to his cube. Too bad, he wasn’t around. I would have wanted to face one of the gods before I went home.
When we got back to our stations, Melvin was done with his 1-on-1 as well. Sabi nya "Wag akong gayahin! Ayan, may certificate na ako!" When I looked at the paper he was holding I saw a coaching form. First thing I thought "Aww. Why don’t I have that?" Upon closer inspection I breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the high heavens for not having the same form. He was verbally warned for two tardiness incidents. 😦
Sabi naman kasi eh! Bilis-bilisan ng konti. He’s been used to doing things really slowly: eating, walking, working, etc. I even felt bad and guilty once for leaving him while he, Angel and Makoy were still having a snack at the pantry. Our 15-minute break was about to end and they apparently weren’t scared of getting IRs (Incident Reports). Well, now I no longer feel bad for doing so. Melvin even said "Sasabihin ko na sa mga yon na makinig na sila sa ‘yo. Ikaw na magiging bundy clock namin." o_O

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