Samut-Sari 2

Another loooong day. Maybe the longest module for our whole training.


We had a long lunch break this afternoon. I finally found time alone to do only the stuff that I want… visited the potty, went from cellphone shop to cellphone shop, inquired if my phone can be fixed, had lunch at the pantry, checked email and browsed online reviews of handheld PDAs in search of the "one."


More than ever, I’m in love with the HP iPAQ hx2750. With it’s fingerprint recognition technology, I can almost eliminate the instances of nosy people poking in my business. I would be able to synch my Outlook. I would be able to take home work. I would be able to update my blog anytime and anywhere there is a hot spot.

And yeah, my friends would stop bugging me to get myself a new phone. It’s rubberized grip on the sides won’t hurt either. Hopefully, that would prevent my handheld from meeting the fate of my last phone.

I would be utterly distressed if I don’t find this unit in Greenhills. Plan B: find it on an online auction or on E-Bay. The hefty 40 grand is too much for my taste if I get it brand new. Plan C: Maybe I could also check with Onats and see if he’s selling his unit sometime soon. Since he knows that I know that he got his for only six grand, I’m sure he may give it to me for the same price (or even lower).

I actually have Plan D. Get any second hand O2 Xda in good working condition. The Xda Zinc, IIm, II mini (I think this is just like Mike’s phone), Atom Exec, or Stealth (yeah right! like I could really get these units second hand… well, I believe in miracles). Check out the website for a complete list.

Long story short, here are the basic specs I’m looking for: WiFi, Bluetooth, 2 megapixel auto-focus camera, replaceable battery, expandable memory. Specs that I prefer to have but can still live without: Slide-out full-QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, FM tuner, quad-band.

It’s gonna be a long and tiring hunt for the best refurbished handheld.


I got to have lunch alone since Melvin, Angel and Makoy went to Makati. Angel was supposed to be at a job interview. Apparently, she got stood up by the interviewer.

It was actually fun coz I didn’t have to listen to more talk about other people. I had the whole two hours to myself in peace and silence.


Loooong module. Two chapters more before dismissal (elementary?!)… *sigh*


While checking out the reviews, I came upon one of the top picks of consumers… the Dell Axim. It was actually a shocker since I was expecting that handheld to be something like the BenQ phones or MSI MP3 players. I saw and got to play around with the Axim just a few hours ago at Tech Lab and I was not impressed. True, the silver and black design made it look very classy, but it was heavy as a paperweight!


Done with the module. Done with the assessment. Perfect.


My post yesterday? First part no longer applies today. Must have eaten something bad for lunch to make me think I need to start dating (*shiver runs through spine*)… or maybe I’m just having a good day now. 😀


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