She’s not the herd-type of person. She doesn’t travel in packs. She associates herself with Manny the Mammoth or characters with the same personality types. She hates getting the concensus of the majority to make a decision. She hates waiting for others. She hates making others wait for her. She doesn’t like considering what others like. She doesn’t like helping others over and over again. She hates insensitive people. She despises having to listen to people’s pathetic love problems five times a day, even over the weekends. She’s not their personal shrink at their beck and call. She hates being forced to go shopping for herself. She doesn’t have any budget for clothes, or hair, or make-up, or spas.

4 Responses to “Aarrggh!”
  1. Unknown says:

    So who\’re you talking about here? Of course, we can always ask Angel, can\’t we?

  2. Boom says:

    Yellow!! You missed my call, New Year\’s Eve. Hehehe. Ala, bad trip na bad trip lang ako nung isa araw… wala lang masumbungan… wala na kasi ma-email kasi lagi na nasa bahay ung isa dyan. >_<…
    Pano ba naman, may sakit ako at lahat, halos di makahinga, nakahiga sa kama and everything, biglang may tatawag para itanong lang sa akin "So you think may progress kami? You think he likes me na? Ipagpatuloy ko ba o wag na lang? You think he feels the same way for me? You think he\’s the one?" AAAMMMPPP!!! Mag-Dear Ate Charo ka na laaaaang! May dahilan kung bakit ako nag-absent!!! Alam mo ba ang ibig sabihin ng word na "sakit?!" Haaaaaa?!?!
    Mishu Yayanskie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Unknown says:

    right. we turned in agad new year\’s eve. my head was hurting kasi.
    you should have said something like, "leave it up to fate. get a plapla then light it up then don\’t let go. pag may kamay ka pa after nun, magkakatuluyan kayo."
    seriously, i really think i\’m somehow channeling your sickness. my head has been hurting since last week. michel has been demanding we see a doctor.
    confirmed. boom is bad for your health..
    i don\’t think i need to see a doctor. i need to see boom.

  4. Boom says:

    Hahaha! 😀 Your health may have faltered but I see your taste for the morbid hasn\’t. 🙂
    Feeling better yet? Heard somebody before call it empathic pains. Pasado ka na sa isang Real Win.
    I\’ve gotten better after a week and 2 days of antibiotics, painkillers and Cannabis sativa. 😀 Still have the cough though. I\’m sure it\’s going to take around 2-3wks more to leave me.
    Hey, the 7th is a Sunday. o_O Checked your mail yet??
    I might just go to RMH to get those files on Sunday (I certainly do hope my login still works) so that the prospect of clearance would appear clearer in the horizon. E tu? Ce qui est le plan?

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