What’s up with The Boondocks Saints?

Three times I have tried downloading Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man’s Chest using Limewire. Three times, I have downloaded fakes.
Movies titled Pirates but containing some other flick that doesn’t seem to be too popular. The first contained Day After Tomorrow. I didn’t delete it so that I may have something to watch when I get really really bored.
The next download contained The Boondocks Saints. After going through the opening credits, I immediately decided I didn’t like it. It went straight to my Recycle Bin.
After about a month or two, I decided to try my luck downloading Pirates again. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky this time and grab the real thing. Alas, once more, it was Boondocks Saints.
Of course, it was infuriating. I waited eight hours for that download to end, then here is the same movie I sent to software limbo before. (Ok, don’t start asking me now why don’t I just borrow or buy the CD. Come on. Where’s the fun in that?!)
Well, seems this stupid movie keeps finding it’s way back to my hard drive, better I prove to it that I can stand it.
I watched it.
It turned out to be a movie of great talent which remained untapped. A pity. Here you see the [main] actors who completely imbibed their roles yet could do nothing to make the movie any better. Why? Because their roles were to be stereotipical this-and-thats.
Half-hearted plot. Unecessary feminist and racial innuendo. Mockery of Irish Catholicism. Parodically passe… The whole film was completely half-baked.
It was a stupid movie. And this harsh description isn’t an expression. It really was stupid. I’d like to give the producers and writers the benefit of the doubt… so let’s just say, maybe they meant the movie to really look stupid. I won’t anymore say that they didn’t seem to put any brains into the films creation. (Oh wait, I just did.)
Then again, maybe I’m just bitter that I didn’t, once more, get the movie I wanted. Maybe the real critics even gave this film a three-thumbs up. Of course, what better way to prove myself wrong by searching for their reviews. Long story short, turned out that I share in their opinion.
So, another try at getting Pirates of the Carribean 2 again? Heck, yeah! And if I get another fake which looks crappy? Watch it then trash it again! 😀

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