The Trifecta*

After my well-publicized resignation, came another… and another…
November 9
Mike finally submitted his resignation (or rather, left it unceremoniously) on the desk of Boss, thinking she wouldn’t be in ’til late. He leaves at 11PM when she usually comes it at around 1am or 2. Alas, she came in 30mins right after he left. Having the MBR (Monthly Board Review) at about 12AM, her mind must have been full. And there, lying on her desk was the second dreaded resignation letter. (Oh yeah, and next day is her birthday too.. so… surprise!)
Wish I knew how to automatically do an out of body experience that day. All I got were crumbs of the story after getting to the office two hours after it happened. Apparently, only Oliver was at the QC area when she went there to get some papers from the printer. According to him, she just suddenly asked "Do you know why Mike is resigning?" and he correctly answered that it was about Gada. "How about Yayan?" she pushed on. Well that must have stumped Olive coz he confirmed that he believes Yayan is also looking for another job. And with that, Mommy Mycz quietly sighed "I can’t believe this is happening" then left.
Okay now, this, wouldn’t have been such a bad thing that day if Mike was the last one planning to leave. But no, Yayan planned to give his resignation that same day too… and with the blow from Mike, it would be utter stupidity to even hope that Myco would not shred his resignation letter with a million chainsaws, throw it into the fire of Prometheus, then have ashes strewn over hectares of cow dung.
So, for the remainder of the night, we weren’t able to focus on our work since all our energies were focused on how to complete the trifecta of resignations from the team on that same day.
Poor Yayan, squirming the whole time while thinking of all the possible scenarios that could happen when he finally approaches her in the before he leaves. The sun rose and we were still at a stalemate. Should he give it? Shouldn’t he?
November 10
I finished with two calibration sessions (7AM and 7:30AM, respectively) and there still was Yayan weighing the options, or lack of them. "Dapat na mabigay ngayon coz kung sa Monday, late na un… pero to receive two resignations in a day and three resignations in a month?! Myco would get a heart attack!"
I advised him to go talk to her but not bring the resignation letter. To me, it’s sends out the message "I don’t care at all about how you feel. Even if I know Mike resigned just a few hours ago, I will also give you my letter now. So sign it!" I believed it would have been better to tread carefully on loose soil then so that he won’t fall into his own grave.
Liza agreed to what I said. She also helped him decide and pushed him to get it done and over with. "Go na! Ihatid kita." Of course he didn’t want that so when he needed to really, really, really leave to catch Michel at home still, he dragged his feet to her cube… repeatedly.
It was a funny sight to watch him approach her cube, peep in a bit, then go back to the starting point. Approach her cube, walk past its door, then come back to the starting point. Approach her cube, listen carefully is she was in a better mood, then go back to his starting point…
… and that whole process took the whole of 30 minutes.
Well, he finally got to enter her cube and talk to her (at last). After a few minutes he emerged from her cubicle. As he walked towards us, I suddenly heard the strain "If a picture paints a thousand words…" playing in my head. Liza was no longer with us at the QC area. It was now Olive and me.
As we greeted him to learn about what happened, his expression was… well… can’t be described. All I can say is it was very, very far from how I must have looked last October 26 when I told Mommy Myco that I will be resigning.
He said that he was, in a way, offered to apply now for a Team Manager position, as long as an opening comes along. The selling factor would be, he can then resign after he has finally been promoted to TM. At least he has already moved up the ranks even if he goes to another company.
To make him feel better and let him vent out, the three of us went to Pantoja to have coffee and something to eat. We talked there from 8:30 to 11:30AM.
November 14
Myco called for a General Assembly of the Quality Team, mainly to discuss all the challenges our team have been facing over the past months. She wanted to know why a lot of us were moving out all of a sudden and if she can do anything to mitigate the mass migration.
A lot of action plans and promises were given out that day.
The succeeding days saw a decline in the rebellious atmosphere in the team.
November 25-26
QC outing at Pansol, Laguna. My last days with the team. A single rebel still tried to make his voice heard and didn’t come with us. That’s Oliver for you.
November 27
First day I started work at Dell. That same day Yayan finally found the resolve to give his resignation letter.
Rather then wanton away while waiting for the right moment to happen when he could submit his resignation, he did a Mike. Yep, he did a Mike. Must have been mentally exhausted already and didn’t want to think anymore of how to approach Myco about it.
There must have been multiple triggers, but he still hasn’t shared with me what the real and major cause was. It has been long over-due? Stress over the thought that he soon would be alone for OL, WLM and L1/L2 Email Contacts? Wanting some rest over the holiday season? Indirectly pushing the hand of Daddy Ray to finally get him?
Well, whatever the case may be, he’s now got one foot out the door towards far better opportunities that await him.
*Why Trifecta you say? Me, Mike, then Yayan are the winning order of bitches that came out of this race. Ever since people started hearing that we were applying for other jobs out side the company, people have been figuratively betting who would come out first, second then last. And now, here are the results, ladies and gentlemen.

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