My Confidante

I was always the first to know when you and Glenn encounter a milestone in your lives.
First to know na sinagot mo na sya…
First to know the engaged na kayo…
First to know that you are having a baby…
First to know that you are getting married…
Now that I’m no longer going to be around as often (or as seldom) as I was, I would miss having you confiding in me about the next firsts that are to come.
I would actually like to apologize because after taking the QC post I lacked time to spend with you. I was always hurrying about, always hectic. I could even hardly stop by your station and give you a quick hug. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to spend enough time with you. I should have realized life is temporary… moreso, our lifespan at RMH.
Let me tell you that anyone who would have you as a friend would be 10 times blessed by the heavens… and I’m not giving you bull.
You extend loving arms, an open ear, a shoulder to cry on and a mouthful of chikka to just about anybody. You are one of the very few people I met who sees the good in others quickly, or at least you always give them the benefit of the doubt.
I will miss knowing that you are just by the Chat area and I can pass by anytime I want to. I will miss your vibrant attitude. I will miss knowing that I have repository of secrets as secure as a Swiss safe just nearby.
Thank you… para sa lahat.
You will always be my sister anywhere I go. Luv ya, Jo.

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