My Confidant

I have never expected that I would treat you as my confidant… much less as a close friend…
… looking back at the first few months that you entered the team.
But then, over the past few months, you have always been there for me. You made me feel like I am not alone. You made me feel like I can have someone to depend on who is just really close by.
You know which defining moment turned you into a casual friend to a someone far greater than that? When I was doing a VA where I was about to lose my last thread of sanity. Remember that one where I worked on so many tickets then closed the file without saving? That one where you pulled me away from the computer, took on the work and told me to stay away from it and smoke first while you did the Summary? I plead temporary insanity then coz I was no longer thinking straight. You took control of the situation, held it by the reins, and fixed things like magic. I almost did a backflip.
Of course that isn’t the only time that you helped me out through a mess I got myself into, but that is one of the greatest things somebody has ever done for me kaya mahirap makalimutan. Somebody as proud as I am, who hardly asks for help from anyone, cannot thank you enough.
I will miss going to office knowing that someone is there whose chair I could kick and whose hair I could mess. I will miss going to office thinking "I can’t wait to tell him this…" or "Just wait ’til he hears this…"
I will miss sitting at my chair in the office when no one yet is around and thinking "Sana dumating na sya. Di ako nag-dinner para kapag nag-lunch kami makakain ako…" or "I wish he arrives already coz I need to know kung anong balita meron sya…" I will miss sitting on my chair knowing that when you get bored with what you are doing, you will just come up to me and check on what I’m up to.
Thank you for each concerned look directed at me. Thank you for each caring pat on the back. Thank you for each biting, yet witty comment thrown at me. Thank you for each playful tug on my hair. Thank you for all the times you listened (in the few occassions I share). Thank you for sharing with me you thoughts as well.
I may still get to see you, but no longer that often. But it is the frequency of being with you and talking with you that I will terribly miss.
Thank you, Yayan.

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