Closing time

I am not saying goodbye. I am not parting ways. I am simply going through changes that would would cause me to no longer do the things I used to do… and be with the people I have been accustomed to having around.
I’ll miss everyone from my newly-old company, but out of all of them, I’ll miss seeing Jo and Yayan the most.
In my 1 yr and 6 months stay in the company, Jo has been the friend I know I could always depend on to be there for me anytime.
And in my 10 months stint as a Quality Coach, Yayan has unexpectedly, yet rapidly, grown to be a very close friend.

2 thoughts on “Closing time

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  1. I think the expected comment from me here would be: "Ako pa!"Hehe..I\’ll miss you terribly. I know that it would take me a long time before I would stop looking over my shoulder to see what you are doing on your old station. Even though another person will be using your computer, for me that chair will always be empty.P.S. I\’m very sorry if I didn\’t say goodbye when we had to go home last Saturday. I guess you\’re better with good-byes than me.

  2. Yeah, I wanted to hit you so hard in the face last Saturday for leaving with the first batch… most especially for not saying goodbye after EVERYONE hugged and kissed and wished me a good life. I could helplessly just stand and watch as you got up the van and rode away.
    Well, maybe it was better that way. At least both of us didn\’t have to face the pains of the real goodbyes. You know I would have cried a river.
    Just to get this off my chest…
    After seeing you all off, I approached May, John and Drei by the pool. I heard them talking about how much I will miss you guys when I move. I warned them not to make me cry by talking about it. May just said a single sentence that sent me reeling. As amazing as her observation was, the sharp truth it contained cut like a knife: "Ang pinakama-mi-miss nito, si Yayan."
    BAM! There went my tear ducts. And to add salt to the wound, here\’s John with another comment: "Nagulat nga ako agad-agad umakyat ng van, di man lang nagpaalam dito." sabay turo sa akin.
    Okay, may I dive into the pool na lang ako. Tears and chlorine make a good mix naman. It\’s better to know na nagsisikip dibdib ko dahil sa water pressure at hindi sa kung ano mang galit, inis, panghihinayang o lungkot ang nararamdaman ko nung panahon na yon.
    It\’s just amazing how other people can affect other people just by words and actions… or the lack of it. 🙂
    Well, now that I think I was able to vent out, I forgive you. 🙂
    (You said sorry for not saying "goodbye"… but this isn\’t goodbye, afterall.)

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