Are you…

1. Already late on the assignment you just got?
2. Forgetting the work you did the week before (because there was a lot)?
3. Being bullied by the previous *doormat?
4. Having fun when work is assigned to someone else?

*Doormat (n) A person who welcomes (bite into that sarcasm) loads of work. Never says "no" for an answer. Takes on the load of approximately three people. Sample specimen: BooM

**List is a work in progress. Symptoms to be built/manufactured/fabricated by Yayan Sta. Maria.


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  • An attempt to remember.

  • The author and editor would like to thank the visitors of this site for dropping by and taking time to go through the articles.

    These are simply but ramblings of one woman struggling to retain as much youth in a fast-aging world. With her deteriorating senses and memory, this is her way holding on to as much as she can remember.

    The tone of the blog will most-likely change once she shifts to another phase in life. As of the moment, she claims to be at peace while in hibernation.

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